Alaska Fishing Guides Listed By Region

Area 1; Southeast Alaska Fishing Guides
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All five species of Alaska salmon, halibut, ling cod, rainbow trout, and dolly varden are present in very good numbers. Access is by air, water and in few instances by road to top fishing locations like Haines, Skagway, and Hyder.
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Area 2; Southcentral Alaska Fishing Guides
The halibut and salmon capitol of the state. All salmon species, halibut charters, rainbow trout fishing, dolly varden, char. Excellent fishing access via road, boat, floatplane, and hiking.
Area 3; Southwest Alaska Fishing Guides
Primary access is by air but some marine services to specific locations exist. Best known for the large and abundant rainbow trout fishing in the rivers and lakes, western Alaska is also home to some of the best lake trout, grayling, and pike fishing in the state. Anglers venturing into this region can also expect to find all five species of Alaska salmon in very good numbers.
Area 4; Interior Alaska Fishing Guides
An also a good bet for shee fish, grayling, arctic char and salmon in the flowing rivers of the area.
Area 5; Alaska’s Far North Fishing Guides
Is the place to go for shee fish, grayling, and arctic char. Access is via the Dalton Highway, Haul road, or by air.

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Alaska Fishing
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The quality of Alaska sports fishing is ordinarily excellent but without some knowledge of the variations between location and species, you are likely to miss out on the peak periods for engaging in this superb sporting event. This is especially true when sea run or migratory fish species are targeted. For this reason, we have found it beneficial to redesign this site by breaking the state into the five main geographical regions and define the quarry further from there. Follow the links to the right for additional sports fishing information and a fishing trip guide locator.
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Interior Guides
Far North

Alaska Species Max Size Comments Southeast Southcentral Southwest Interior Northern Kodiak Island
Fishing Info Fish Sports Fishing Fishing Run Fishing Run Fishing Run Fishing Run Fishing Run Fishing Run
Arctic Char 20 Lbs N/A June- Aug June – Sept July – Sept July – Sept N/A
Arctic Grayling 5 Lbs July – Sept May – Sept May – Sept May – Oct May-Oct N/A
Chum Salmon 15 Lbs July – Sept July – Aug July – Aug July – Sept July – Sept July – Aug
King Salmon 100 Lbs April – July May – July May – Aug July – Aug July – Aug June – July
Pink Salmon 10 Lbs Even Years July – Aug July – Aug July – Aug N/A N/A July – Aug
Silver Salmon 25 Lbs July – Oct July – Oct July – Sept July – Sept N/A Aug – Nov
Sockeye Salmon 15 Lbs June June – July June – Aug N/A N/A June – July
Steelhead 45 Lbs April – June May – June May – June N/A N/A April – May
Cutthroat Trout 7 Lbs May-Sept June – Sept N/A N/A N/A N/A
Lake Trout 45 Lbs N/A Year Round Year Round Year Round Year Round N/A
Rainbow Trout 30 Lbs Year Round Year Round Year Round Year Round Year Round Year Round
Dolly Varden 15 Lbs May-Oct Year Round Year Round N/A N/A N/A
Pacific Halibut 458 Lbs May-Sept Year Round Year Round N/A N/A May-Sept
Ling Cod 80 Lbs Year Round Year Round Year Round N/A N/A Year Round