Are your loans drowning? With a payday loan consolidation you can breathe

Paying a mortgage, a credit card, and a personal loan at the same time is a very difficult situation to sustain that can be complicated at some point in the refund process for not having enough savings or income in our account. However, if we see that it is impossible to meet the quotas, we can resort to a mortgage loan to reunify them, extend the repayment term and reduce interest. Therefore, the monthly payments will be more acceptable and we will avoid falling into default. If we are interested in this option, we must comply with an essential requirement: have a home without charges or in their last years of the mortgage.

Use your house as collateral to get financing

If we are thinking about applying for a mortgage loan, we must know that these credits to online consumption can only be requested if we have a real property or with a mortgage paid at 80%. In return, we will not have to justify that we receive a minimum income since housing will be the guarantee that the lender takes. One of the advantages of these products is that the requirements are more flexible than in other cases. The Mortgage Loan of SuizaInvest is an example that has the following conditions:

Loan Capital Cost Terms I’m interested
SwissInvest Mortgage Loan From € 5,000 to € 300,000

From 8.95% TIN and 12.68% APR

  • From 6 months to 20 years to repay the money
  • Up to 5 years of capital shortage
  • No study cost or advice
  • Accept ASNEF
  • Maximum financing of 40% according to the property
Apply for

Although their conditions are really attractive, it will depend on the amount we need and the type of housing we provide that approve or not our request. In the case of granting us the loan, it is important to choose the conditions of the mortgage secured loan. Failure to comply with payments within the established deadline may result in a judge declaring an attachment order and losing the property.

However, a good choice can help us to regroup all our debts and return their amount in a longer period. Therefore, they will be more manageable and we will not have to risk our financial capacity every month facing an amount too high for the income we receive in our account.

A mortgage loan is requested online

If we are looking for a product outside of banking entities, these consumer loans are requested online through private lenders. The first step will be to access the website of the entity and fill out the form that we will find there. The entities usually ask for our personal data and the characteristics of the credit that we need. Once this information is sent, they will study the application and they will contact us.

However, even though a mortgage loan is requested through the Internet, the approval process may take several weeks. It is necessary to take payday loan consolidation texas this aspect into account if we need to group our debts urgently. In the same way, we can get ahead and start with the procedures to have the money at the right time.