Trump and the press

Something is happening, it is the third time that happens in five months that citizens decide

the opposite of what they send. They can not with them or major media or the establishment of economic and political power, suddenly get fed up, say enough and consider a referendum or elections as the last opportunity to change things. And they take advantage of it. It happened in June voting the Brexit in the United Kingdom, it happened again in Colombia saying no to the peace process with the FARC and they have done it again by voting for Donald Trump. And in these social changes worthy of study they are not accompanied by the mainstream media. There has been a divorce between what the street thinks and what they say they think from an office, journalists only attend to the latter.

We forget what we are, we owe it to information alone but sometimes we lend ourselves to be used in favor of a candidate, so we did in these elections to the White House and Trump put it on a tray to attack him, the more he We accused of being politically incorrect, the more votes I got. Without questioning, we gave as good the intentional chronicles that came to us from Fox, CNN or international agencies, we believed together what the Washington Post or the New York Times published, but Twitter, Facebook or Instagram won them the game.

Now when Trump despite them wins the elections we are happy to dispatch covers like the newspaper El Periódico de Catalunya “Dios perdone a America”, or we announce resounding falls in the stock markets around the world that never happen and in the United States thousands of people go out to the street protesting what they have decided themselves. Can you imagine what we would be publishing if it were the other way around, if Hillary had won and Trump did not show up on election night while violent demonstrations multiplied throughout the country? Some would say that Trump was giving a coup d’etat.

Journalists who followed the campaign of the two candidates already saw

Journalists who followed the campaign of the two candidates already saw

that the meetings of Hillary Clinton were usually held in smaller spaces and cost to fill them, while Trump’s took place in stadiums and many supporters stayed on the street for lack of space . While Trump warmed his mouth insulting his opponents or saying he was going to return the Syrian refugees to his country, Hillary shouted in his rallies that all who voted for Trump were racist and xenophobic but only the first appeared on the news. When Trump bellowed that if he were president he would expel the Muslims, the press kept silent that Hillary’s campaign was paid by sheikhs from Saudi Arabia and Quatar. When Trump promised to build a wall with Mexico to prevent illegal immigration, no media remembered that Bill Clinton was the first to build a border wall between the two countries in 1994.

The media elite here and there clearly took sides with what they considered was “the system”, Wall Street and better defended the European governments, but they lost. They still think that citizens are puppets that move under their orders and as happened with Brexit or in Colombia, not a single demographic study knew that Trump would win elections, only free citizens like the documentary maker Michael Moore who predicted it in detail or in Spain who was President of the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce Antonio Camuñas who wrote it six months earlier. It is Trump who has known how to connect with the language spoken in North America badly that weighs us and with a maxim “You can be like me” that’s why he refused to be called a politician. How far from the American people are Hillary, Beyoncé, Madonna and many others who climbed into the chariot of power hoping she won the battle.

Trump will possibly go down in history as the President who said the most savages in the electoral period but … who is more dangerous the one who says or the one who does? Throughout the campaign the media kept silent that Hillary is responsible for the failed war in Lebanon, which always supported the war in the Middle East, voted in favor of the war in Iraq, supported the military coup in Honduras that toppled the democratic government, sponsored the coup in Ukraine that established a neo-Nazi regime and other niceties that were not issued by international information agencies. These same agencies were in charge of spreading the obscene recording of Trump eleven years before insulting the women, they gave the journalists the work done and we bought it without question. Or we re-interpret and tell what happens on the street or our profession has lost its raison d’être.