ZDF WISO plus: Liability insurance is a must

  The liability insurance does much more than just reimbursement, if insured spill coffee over the laptop of a friend. Rather, it offers an important existence protection. Because in addition to unpleasant, but affordable minor damage can be caused by a mishap and a comprehensive property damage, for example, as a result of a fire. Worse still, if third parties are harmed by their own behavior, they may be required to make life-long payments . A personal liability insurance reimburses the costs incurred as long as the damage occurred in the private sector and there was no intent. However, to be optimally protected, interested parties should consider a few things when choosing insurance.

High coverage for adequate protection

High coverage for adequate protection

The ZDF magazine WISO plus recommends, for example, to pay attention to a sufficiently high coverage. If the damage exceeds the agreed sum, the insured remains on the remaining costs. Therefore, the coverage should be between five and ten million euros. Thus, almost all damages are covered by private individuals.

Which private liability is the right one?

In addition to the exact benefits and a sufficient coverage, the price for many consumers is the most important factor in the elimination of insurance. Especially with the liability insurance is worth a comparison of the different tariffs. Because the prices for a private liability insurance vary in part very strong. Insured persons do not have to pay much for good liability. A look at the liability insurance comparison calculator illustrates the large price differences. With it interested ones find also fast a favorable and powerful tariff.

Life changes – repair liability

Life changes - repair liability

In addition, it makes sense to adjust the liability insurance to the respective living conditions . If a young couple contracts, for example, only a single common policy is necessary. It can thus save contributions. Parents should make sure that they choose a liability insurance that pays damages even if the children are under the age of seven. Although children at this age are not liable for any damage caused, a liability insurance is nevertheless worthwhile. If, for example, the child damages the property of friends or neighbors, the liability insurance company reimburses the costs incurred in such cases if the parents have violated their duty of supervision.

When the liability insurance does not apply

When the liability insurance does not apply

Some hobbies are not covered by any liability insurance . Therefore, insured persons should be careful to either choose from the outset a policy that also covers damage in this area or arrange a corresponding insurance coverage with the insurer afterwards.

Damage caused by own dogs and horses is not covered by a personal liability insurance, here an animal keepers liability must be completed. Even homeowners are only fully secured if they also have a landlord liability.